Why Hire A Birth Photographer?

The day your child is born is easily one of the most memorable days of your life. Where you were and what time your baby came into the world are details most won’t soon forget. But will you remember the look of relief on your face as your baby was placed on your chest, the way their minutes old wrinkly skin was covered in birthday frosting or the look of wonder your other children had as they met their sibling? By having your birth professionally photographed you won’t have to rely on memory alone, all the

How does it work?

Check availability

The first step is to make sure I have availability for your guess date. I take a limited amount of births each month to ensure I can be there for both your family, my other clients families, as well as my own.

Let's meet

Next we will set up a time to grab some coffee, tea or whatever beverage your body is craving. This gives us a chance to meet in person and get to know each other a bit. I love to hear about your pregnancy and plans for your birth. It also gives you a chance to make sure I am a good fit for your birth team and ask me any questions you may have.

Secure your date

Once you have decided I am the right fit as your birth photographer, a retainer is required to secure your date. We will sign your contract and you can start to make payments how ever works best for you. Full payment is due by 38 weeks at which point I will go on call for your birth.

It's baby time

We will be in contact as you get closer to your birth. Once labor beings you will notify me so I can get prepared and ready to head over. Once you are ready for me to join you I will come to your place of birth. I typically stay until 1-2 hours after the birth of your baby. Typically 3-4 weeks after that your images will be ready via digital download.


Why should I hire a birth photographer, can’t my partner/support person take photos?

Yes, they absolutely can. Ideally though, your partner should be supporting you, not running to grab the camera to try to get an image or two in between contractions. Allowing a professional photographer to handle this important task will not only free up your partner so they are more available to you, but it will also ensure that their participation is captured on film. The photos from your birth will become a beautiful reminder of one of the most important days of your life.

Will you share my photos on social media, or on the internet?

I will only share images that you are comfortable with me sharing. I will always show you what images I would like to share before doing so.

When should I contact you to book my guess date??

The earlier the better to ensure my availability for your guess date, as I am currently only taking 2 births max per month.

I prefer to have my birthing space very dark, can you still take pictures in the dark?

Many people prefer to have a darker birthing space. My camera is equipped to handle lower light situations. However, I often bounce my flash off the ceiling so I can capture the quick moments of birth. My flash will never be directed near or towards your face and most of clients aren’t aware that it being used.

What if I am having a C-section?

Birth is birth, each one unique and just as beautiful as the next. If you wind up needing to have a C-section I may not be able to capture the actual birth of your baby as some Doctors and Hospitals will not allow me into the OR. However I will be there to capture your labor, getting ready to head into the OR and of course after baby is born. If you are having a scheduled C-section discuss my being there with your OB and Anesthesiologist beforehand. Ultimately it is up to them whether or not I am allowed in the OR with you.